Aircraft Options


Merchant Partner Flyte Group


How does it work?

Members who join this association will have the ability to charter aircraft at wholesale prices along with other privileged use of aircraft, which includes flight share program, open segments, seat purchase and flight training.  These will be only part of the association benefits.


Escape TSA and the Squeeze

When flying privately it does most of the time cost more, but you miss the lines and TSA.  Then you can enjoy the comfort of spread out seating and not piling into a crowded aircraft. This allows members to enjoy the luxury benefit at unbelievable prices from under $700 per flight hour for a fast personal aircraft for personal or business needs or use.


DON't Miss out!!!

These memberships will be limited and offered under a pilot program to initially be extended for a three year period with options to continue.  For those who participate prior to March 2018 will be granted FIVE year term for the same pricing.

RPG - Recreation Partners Group


Airbus EC 120 / 130


We are currently forming a group of partners for an Airbus EC 120 or 130 Helicopter to have based at X39 and 2FA6. Buy in price of $139,750

Hughes 269


We are currently forming a group of partners for the Hughes 269 Helicopter to have based at X39 and 2FA6. Buy in price of $69,9975

DUAL Partnership(s)


We are currently offering a dual partnership into both a Airbus Helicopter and BeechCraft King Air for a combined price of $239,995. This includes an equity position in each platform in addition to 50 hours of flight time in the Helicopter and 75 hours in the King Air both based upon a dry lease rate. Additional time in King Air would be at a rate of $950/hr and Helicopter $599/hr dry.*

We will promote individual Share


We will promote individuals who desire to just get or two partners under a private partnership.  When requested we can post to a new portion of our web site promotion individual partnerships of fixed wing and rotary.

Share the big news


Help us spread the work or developing partnership groups to make flying more affordable to the masses

Fly in and Open house


We will be announcing locations we will attending group fly in and group meetings to support General Aviation. If you would like us to come speak or visit your group please either call or email us. We thank you for your interest.