Partners can use other platforms when pilots meet flight requirements and training.*

Empty Leg charter flights and Aircraft Partnerships

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Aircraft Partnerships

There is a new paradigm of aircraft ownership and utility which allows flexibility, affordability, along with customization of ownership and use. 

*Turboprop from    $199K

*Medium Jet from   $95K

*Small piston from  $8,795

*Co-Op Partners forming soon from $39K

Aircraft operating costs from $699/hr**

Tax benefits of Aircraft Ownership

"Section 179 Expensing provides qualifying taxpayer a $500,000 immediate deduction for New or Used aircraft.  This incentive begins to phase out when the aircraft reaches or exceeds $2 million. This provision requires the tax payer to have sufficient earned income to benefit from this expensing provision." Ask your tax adviser how this could help you.

The "TSA" escape

Has your time come to rise above the delays, hassles, long waits and lines along with uncomfortable accommodations of the airlines. Quite possibly we have the solution that will not break the bank. Aircraft partnerships (AKA Fractional Aircraft Ownerships). With operating costs from $699/hr

A typical one way trip for 5-8 people from Florida to New York would average 3 hours at a price from $2,800 to $11,500 (depending on aircraft TBM or Hawker).

Introductory Sunset/Sunrise Flight

Beautiful sunset over the Skyway

Introductory Sunset/Sunrise Flight

Flyte one is excited to offer a great demo sunset or sunrise flight! ( other times available).This is great for couples, business. meetings and just a small social event to those who love to fly. We offer a one hour or an hour and a half flight which will include the aircraft, the instructor , fuel and food. This is also a great opportunity to show off your flying skills.

Our pricing is as followed:

One hour flight:         $ 389.00

One and 1/2 hours.   $549.00

FlyteOne Fractional Ownership & Flight training financing

Flight Lessons Near You:

Composite Flight Program

Cessna 172

Flight Program for Cessna 172 & 182

Composite Flight Program
This program entails the purchase of a Cessna 172 partnership and
250 hours of flight time which is enough for the Private, Instrument,
commercial licenses and more. The cost for the buy-in, 60 hours of
flight training, instruction, FAA check rides and more

Aircraft buy-in $8,750 for a 1/16 position of the Cessna aircraft
$1,500 management fee
$2,250 FAA check rides for private, instrument and commercial,
books and head set
$3,000 for 60 hours of flight instruction
$20,250 for
150 hours of flight time in Cessna 172 and 100
hours of flight time in Cessna 182 or similar
TOTAL buy in $35,750.00 ((Financing Available))

Cessna 172
The Cessna 172 is an American 4 seat, single engine
aircraft great for flight training and short flights for
business people who are needing to fly typically to
locations that are under 600 Nautical Miles. There
have been more Cessna 172's built than any other
Cruise Speed of 140 MPH

Range 736 Miles

Cost of NEW $275,000(R model) $307,500(S model)

Average cost for a moderately equipped USED 30 year old Cessna 182 with advanced Avionics, paint, interior low time and engine $189,900
Fractional cost of this aircraft opportunity with FlyteOne starting from $8,750

*Section 179 of IRS code allows for bonus depreciation and
deduction. Ask you accountant or tax professional how this
could work for you.
(Images depicted may not be the aircraft used for the training) 


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